NSS National Procurement – Thank you

Mar 11, 2022

”On behalf of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), I wanted to convey our thanks to you and to all of the TPS Healthcare team for your work to implement the recycling of NHS Scotland owned Intensive and Palliative Care medicines to our hospitals. Significant sales in 2021 of over £2M, contributed to a manufacturing greenhouse gas emission reduction equivalent to over 330 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2e). This would not have been possible without the collaborative approach which TPS have brought to this project.
For this project, the National Procurement Medicines Distribution Team won the Innovation / Service Improvement award at the 2021 NSS Recognising Excellence Awards held last month and TPS were key to this success. TPS is a valued partner to NHS Scotland and we hope that we can build on this work to support joint working on other initiatives in the future”.

Letter of Thanks TPS March 2022