Renal Dialysis

TPS Healthcare are the exclusive distributor of Haemodialysis and Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) fluids for several international manufacturers

We stock a range of consumables to provide Renal Dialysis providers with the convenience of a ‘one stop shop’ service. This eliminates delivery complexity, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care.

Our Core Services


High Coverage

As an exclusive distributor of Haemodialysis and RRT fluids, we offer high coverage of the UK Renal Dialysis market – both to NHS clinics and private providers



Our range of consumables provides Renal Dialysis providers with the convenience of a ‘one-stop shop’ service. This eliminates complexity, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care


Service Performance

Our culture is focused on the delivery of very high service levels. This enables our customers to focus on other aspects of their business

Inventory Planning

We analyse demand data from SAP and customer forecast information to actively manage inventory levels. This ensures we achieve very high levels of first-time availability


Regulatory Compliance

Our facilities are fully MHRA accredited. We meet the ISO9001 and ISO14001 environmental standards. Our Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety resource provide our customers with total assurance


KPI Reporting

We compile comprehensive KPI reports to demonstrate the performance and cost effectiveness of the service provided. These are actively reviewed to identify areas for improvement

Bespoke Service Options

Home Deliveries

We provide deliveries to the homes of NHS patients. Our experienced drivers perform this task with the respect for patient confidentiality and vulnerability

24/7 Emergencies

For NHS Trusts with severe space constraints, we maintain ring fenced stock for use in emergencies. The stock is held in roll cages, ready for rapid deployment

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Our Partners


TPS Healthcare is the logistics partner of choice for Nipro Medical UK Ltd.  TPS offer us the professional service we require, based upon their extensive experience and a specialist understanding of the dynamics and demands of the UK healthcare environment.

TPS Healthcare is like having access to every supplier/manufacturer from a single purchase point. It is convenient for us and the prices are extremely competitive. They are very efficient, understanding and always ready to help. They are highly recommended and rated by us as a company.